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About Bombay Bowl Bistro

Bombay Bowl Bistro

Fast, Fresh & Healthy

At Bombay Bowl our priority is fast, fresh n healthy contemporary Chinese food from our live kitchen at a very affordable price to working individuals, families and our seniors.

Our products are non GMO, we use all fresh ingredients and antibiotic-free chicken. We believe in sustainably sourcing.

Ravi S Rawat: The founder of Bombay Bowl is second generation restauranteur and learned most of the management techniques and people skills from his father Jodh Singh Rawat veteran of the Restaurant industry (who has worked in restaurants worldwide).

Bombay Bowl Bistro

Ravi is advocate of American franchise concepts and big admirer of all fast food chains such as McDonald, Subway, Chipotle etc. and always dreamed of starting of his own one day.

Having worked in restaurant industry for over 25 years in India, Hong Kong and the United States. Finally he teamed up with award winning Chef Raghu Singh, Chef Alam Singh and his friend Dr. Arun Verma to start "BOMBAY BOWL BISTRO" in Northbrook IL.

Bombay Bowl Bistro is not just a restaurant but an experience to witness the culinary art of our Master Chefs and a perfect ambiance to celebrate with your family and friends.